The Ford Focus Has A Lot to Offer

Known for its hi-tech equipment, comfortability, and its easiness to control, the Ford Focus is one of the most popular compact cars that are currently on the market. It also comes with some very useful features that could possibly pique your interest.

There are quite a few different Ford Focus models that are appealing. 

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Unique Performance Features of the Ford Edge

The Ford Edge is a popular mid-size SUV with many impressive performance features. With auto start-stop technology and adaptive driving technology, this vehicle increases your fuel economy and safety.

Unlike other cars with cruise control, the Ford Edge features adaptive cruise control, which uses a radar sensor to spot when traffic is slowing down ahead of you, and then your car automatically slows down. 

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Ford C-MAX - Performance with Comfort, Convenience, and Safety

The Ford C-MAX delivers power unexpected by those who are used to older electrics. The Hybrid offers a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 gas engine delivering "best-in-class" 188 horsepower, and even in all-electric mode, hit speeds up to 85 mph.

The Ford C-MAX Hybrid features an architecture that splits the power production between the gasoline engine and the lithium-ion battery. 

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The Fierce Attitude Behind the Ford Fiesta ST

Smallest out of the Performance Lineup, the Ford Fiesta ST can be customized to your particular style and performance needs. But what makes it such a popular subcompact performance hatchback?

The EcoBoost engine features an impressive 26 mpg in the city and up to 33 mpg on the highway while still delivering up to 197 horsepower and 202 lb-ft of torque so that you don't have to sacrifice power for fuel efficiency.

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Learn About the Ford F-150 Capability Features

When you need a truck with a lot of power, high towing capacity and great handling, the Ford F-150 is the right choice. This full-size pickup truck has high-tech towing features, including proprietary roll stability control. This system makes adjustments to the trailer, helping to reduce shifting and swaying while driving around corners and winding roads.

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The Interior Features of the Ford Focus ST Might Surprise You!

The Ford Focus ST is popular among those who like a compact, sporty, performance vehicle. The interior of the hatchback is not only driver-friendly but is admirable because of the many standard and optional features available.

The entertainment features are some of the first noticed in the Focus ST, because of the nice sized screens, charging USB and voice recognition. SiriusXM Radio and HD Radio are also available for those who appreciate great sounding music. 

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The Ford Taurus: Nearly 20 Years and Still Going Strong

Are you looking for a full-size sedan? Why not take a peek at the popular Ford Taurus? This vehicle has been manufactured for almost two decades because it has been so popular. People love their Taurus’s for good reason, too. Ford continually updates the vehicle, and the technology features on the 2018 model are phenomenal.

The Blind Spot Information System that each vehicle is equipped with will alert you if another vehicle would not be easily visible to you. 

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Delectable Design in the New Ford Mustang

For more than fifty years, the classic Ford Mustang has found itself at the pinnacle of the sports car world. Combining the powerful Ford engine with some of the most stylish designs in motor car history, it has long been a favorite of gear heads everywhere. Of course, the brand new Mustang does not deviate from its predecessors.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the new Ford Mustang is the delightful array of design features that are available. 

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Take the Whole Family Out in the 2018 Ford Flex

All of us with large families understand how difficult it is to get the entire family in the vehicle and to events. The 2018 Ford Flex has three rows of seats giving you space for seven people to travel in the SUV. Leather accents and maple trim are just a couple of the features available in the Ford Appearance Package including a leather steering wheel wrap.

Do you want to give everyone a view as they ride in the vehicle? 

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Take Advantage of What the Ford Escape Has to Offer

Ford Escape got some upgrades in 2018 that have made it one of the top SUVs on the market today. Drivers have been praising the new SYNC 3 updates and have noticed the new safety features that include lots of new interior signals for driver assistance. Ford has made a few of these features available in the standard model including a rearview camera, Ford's MyKey, voice-activated SYNC entertainment system, six-speaker stereo, and parking sensors.

There are a lot of upgrades that you can get with some of the premium trims. These include automatic parking assist, blind spot monitoring...

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