It is a natural inclination for automobile aficionados to have a keen eye for aesthetics. Fortunately, an unmistakably evolved identity can be crafted by driving the right compact crossover. With an emphasis on delivering a dynamic presentation, the Ford EcoSport has become an eye-catching legend on the streets of Princeton, WV.

For a refreshing dose of contemporary flavor, car connoisseurs are going crazy for the SES Black Appearance Package. The Ebony interior is sincerely lavish, and it is strikingly accompanied on the outside by bold black features including a painted spoiler and a decadent rooftop coating. The enlivening hood decal maximizes the enticement. This custom arrangement is offered for the Lightning Blue, Diamond White and Moondust Silver sets.

Meanwhile, the distinctive LED lights will show everything and speak volumes. Their presence cannot be missed. Since seeing is believing, all you need is a test-drive from Ramey Ford Princeton to become a full-on EcoSport convert.

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