Explore the New Ford Ranger at Ramey Ford Princeton

The Ford Ranger is a new mid-sized pickup truck that's ready for adventure. The truck is designed to dominate off-road paths and Princeton, WV streets with ease. It has an innovative drivetrain option that allows you to change the truck's performance on a whim.

The Ranger is available with an electronic shifting system. Called ESOF, this system lets you change between drivetrains by simply turning a knob. The controls are located on the center dash for easy access. When you change drive modes, adjustments are made almost instantaneously. You don't have to stop or pull over. Everything is done on the road as you drive.

There are three different driving modes to choose from. The first is the standard two-wheel drive, which is ideal for navigating paved surfaces. When you want to get a bit more power and control, you can switch to one of the two all-wheel-drive modes. The Ford Ranger has high and low 4x4, allowing you to get through any environment.

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