Some odors can linger in your vehicle longer than others. You might not always know their origin, but you can determine their demise with a few simple ways of removing scents that are unpleasant. One option is to spray vinegar on surfaces where you tend to smell odors more than others. You can leave a cup of vinegar in your car for a few hours for the best results.

After drying your clothes, put a few dryer sheets in your car. You can keep them in your center console, glove box, or in the back-glass area to keep odors from the inside of your car. Another option is to wipe the seats and other surfaces with a dryer sheet.

After drinking your coffee in Princeton, WV, you can use the grounds to get rid of odors in your car by keeping a few in a cup in your car. Fresh grounds can also be used and sometimes work better than those that are found at the bottom of your coffee cup. When visiting Ramey Ford Princeton, consider asking about professional cleaners that provide similar results.

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