Popular midsize sedans offer the spaciousness, comfort, fuel economy and performance that drivers and passengers appreciate no matter what the length of the journey. The Ford Fusion strives to be the best in its vehicle class, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride that still boasts plenty of engine power.

Uneven roads and potholes pose no challenge to the Fusion. Its all-wheel-drive technology includes an intelligent sensor function that allocates the proper amount of torque to each wheel on an as-needed basis so there's always enough traction. Save money on your overall fuel consumption with Ford's automatic Start-Stop system. It will turn the engine off when idling at a stoplight or in traffic, turning it on again when you press on the gas pedal.

We've got an excellent selection of Ford Fusion models at Ramey Ford Princeton in Princeton, WV. When you stop by, you can take a test drive to discover its performance features for yourself.

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