The Ford Expedition Keeps Vehicle Occupants Well Connected

The Ford Expedition is a full-size and luxurious SUV. While the Ford Expedition is built to tough specifications that allow it to survive many types of collisions, it also includes many proprietary technologies that help drivers to avoid crashes in the first place. Some of these crash preventing technologies include cross traffic alerts as well as enhanced active park assist tools.

Vehicular accidents come in many styles, and one common type of accident is the cross-traffic collision. The Ford Expedition makes cross traffic collisions less likely with its cross-traffic alert technology in play. This system uses specialized sensors to scan areas close to the vehicle for potential vehicular hazards. If such hazards are found, the system alerts drivers to the dangers in a number of effective ways.

Parking lots are another area where many accidents tend to occur. SUVs can be especially vulnerable in such situations because their large size can act to obscure driver vision. The Ford Expedition mitigates this tendency with enhanced active park assist technologies that use cameras and other sensors to give drivers up to date and high-resolution information about their immediate surroundings.

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