Ford C-MAX - Performance with Comfort, Convenience, and Safety

The Ford C-MAX delivers power unexpected by those who are used to older electrics. The Hybrid offers a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 gas engine delivering "best-in-class" 188 horsepower, and even in all-electric mode, hit speeds up to 85 mph.

The Ford C-MAX Hybrid features an architecture that splits the power production between the gasoline engine and the lithium-ion battery. You receive continuous feedback on your driving habits with the Brake Coach, which monitors the regenerative braking, recovering energy spent in braking and sending it back to the storage battery.

Pressing the EcoSelect Button shifts the C-MAX into maximum efficiency mode, with less powerful acceleration, and slower heating and cooling. The LCD displays help to reinforce good driving habits by combining an Energy Coach displaying Energy History using a display growing plant-like Efficiency Leaves.

If your inner eco-warrior wants out, give us a call at Ramey Ford Princeton and let us set up a test drive for you.

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