2018 Ford Explorer: A True Champion

The Ford Explorer has always been at the top in the world of SUVs. This vehicle has always been popular for families that are growing and even families that are starting to build up. With the 2018 Ford Explorer, The design of our explorer has grown to its polished and robust design.

The 2018 Ford explorer features three-row, seven-seat, mid-size SUV. It also features a large cabin space and trunk space which will make the explorer the most desirable mid-size SUV. Three engine options are offered for the 2018 Ford Explorer, 3.5-liter V-6 base engine making 290 hp and…

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Ford SYNC 3: High-Tech You Can't Do Without

With all the reports of vehicle accidents due to the driver's use of a mobile phone, Ford took the initiative to create a high-tech system to allow hands-free calling, SiriusXM Radio, and 911 assist for customers. This device is called the Ford SYNC 3.

With the Ford SYNC 3, you will stay connected when it matters. Without risking trying to call or text someone, trying to turn on the radio to get weather alerts, traffic, accident or detour information, and more with the gesture of your hands, the Ford SYNC 3 will reduce that. You can get all those…

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Choose to Have Your Car Battery Replaced

Inside every car there is a battery that helps you get around. You do not think about the battery all of the time, but it is there and it is helping your vehicle be all that it is. There are times when the battery becomes weak or quits, and you need to have it replaced. This doesn't always happen unexpectedly, and there are often signs you can be aware of to spot before they become an issue that leaves you stranded.

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Buying a Used Car Can Save You a Lot

Buying a used car can be a great way to get into your next vehicle even if you have less than ideal credit, or are on a tight budget and cannot afford to buy new right now. Today’s vehicles are engineered to precise specifications from high quality materials and workmanship. They are built to last, and that means that even on their second or third owners, they as good as the latest model, but you can buy them at a fraction of the price.


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Schedule a routine oil change for your car today

Your engine's oil is important. It's literally the lifeblood of your automobile, and a car suffers greatly without fresh oil. Fresh engine oil keeps your engine's moving metal parts from disintegrating, and old oil provides little protection. If your car's engine is idling rough, ticking, or slow to accelerate, bring it down to Ramey Ford Princeton. Our service center is always ready to check the state of your engine oil, and we can quickly change it if needed.

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Far too many drivers avoid changing their engine oil these days, but this doesn't save these drivers…

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Buy Or Lease? Make an Informed Choice at Ramey Ford Princeton

Whether you choose to buy or lease, you can end up with the perfect vehicle that fits your style and needs. Our staff at Ramey Ford Princeton recognizes the benefits of both options for our customers, making our dealership an excellent destination in the Princeton area for your next ride.

When leasing a vehicle, there are certain advantages to expect:

  • You will have lower monthly payments, which are usually typical.
  • You get to drive a new vehicle every few years.
  • There is always a warranty during your lease period.
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GAP Makes a Difference for Local Drivers

If you're in the market for a new car in the Princeton, WV area, you will likely be asked about purchasing GAP insurance, and if you aren't, you need to ask your sales representative. Why?

  • GAP isn't intended to replace your insurance; it's additional coverage in case something goes wrong. Filing an insurance claim will usually require you to pay a deductible. The dealership's GAP policy will not have a deductible.
  • Filing a claim has an excellent chance of leading to a rate hike on your policy. Claims made about GAP will have zero impact…
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Navigate life more easily with the Ford Escape

Everyday life is often a whirlwind, especially when we have a lot on our plate. If you're looking to lighten your load as of lately, then check out the convenient and accommodating 2017 Ford Escape here at Ramey Ford Princeton.


You have a lot on your hands. We have just the trick to make you feel unstoppable. #FordEscape

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The Ford Escape can take some stuff off you’re your hands, quite literally. It boasts a hands-free, foot-activated liftgate that makes packing up the…

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Categories: Gives First Review of 2018 Ford F-150

What do we have to look forward to in the 2018 Ford F-150 coming this fall? Kelley Blue Book editors got their hands on a four of them, and gave their first impressions of four of the six available engines:

  • 3.3-liter V6: Great for driver's looking for a more affordable and fuel-efficient option, who will only need light towing and hauling capability (up to 7,700 pounds and 1,990 pounds, respectively).
  • 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6: Versatile combination of fuel economy (26 mpg highway), towing (8,500 pounds), and payload (2,470 pounds), ideal for most boats and…
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Benefits Of Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Ford

Pre-owned vehicles offer a number of benefits to drivers that a new car doesn't. Like the potential saving on sticker price and on insurance. Pre-owned vehicles also hold on to their value better than a new car does. Those are just some of the benefits that you get when buying a certified pre-owned Ford. When you buy a certified pre-owned Ford you will get a high-quality car, truck, or SUV at a great price and much more.


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